Strive IPTV: Features, Pricing, and Subscription Guide

Strive IPTV is a highly impressive best IPTV service provider, offering access to over 10,000 live channels and a staggering 50,000 on-demand titles. This extensive library of content includes binge-worthy movies and TV shows, ensuring that viewers always have something to watch.

Despite not being available on the Play Store or similar app stores, Strive IPTV can be accessed on a variety of devices. This includes Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Windows and Mac computers, as well as Firestick. To access the service, all you need is an IPTV player application on your device, which can be downloaded easily from various sources.

Additionally, the service is VPN-friendly and not IP location-locked, providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility. Lastly, Strive IPTV accepts credit/debit card payments as well as Bitcoin, offering users a range of payment options to suit their preferences.

Key Features of Strive IPTV

  •  Strive IPTV offers over 10,000 channels with plans starting at $15.00/month for one connection.
  •  Customers can access VOD content, major sports packages, PPV, news, entertainment, and international channels.
  •  The service also includes a 24-hour free trial, making it easy for customers to test the waters before committing to a subscription.
  •  Strive IPTV is VPN friendly and not IP location locked, ensuring users can enjoy unrestricted access to their favorite content.
  •  The service is compatible with IPTV players and provides an M3U URL, along with antifreeze technology and an electronic program guide (EPG) for a smooth viewing experience.
  •  Customers can manage their favorite channels with the favorites manager and stream content on external video players.
  •  Strive IPTV accepts payment via Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin, providing customers with flexible payment options.
  •  For customer support, users can reach out through the online contact form and email.
  •  The service is available on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices, making it easily accessible on various platforms.

Channels & VODs for Strive IPTV

Strive IPTV Channels
Strive IPTV Channels

At Strive IPTV, customers can enjoy access to over 10,000 live channels and 50,000 on-demand content with their basic subscription, which starts at a reasonable price of $15.00 per month. These channels are diverse and available in a range of categories, including entertainment, news, sports, international, and more.

Customers who are looking for additional offerings beyond live TV can also choose from several options, such as PPV, sports packages, VOD, and adult channels, which are not commonly included in other live TV services.

Furthermore, Strive IPTV offers an exclusive range of content that cannot be found on other platforms. This provides customers with access to unique and hard-to-find content that is not available through traditional cable or satellite services.

With Strive IPTV, customers can also customize their viewing experience by selecting channels based on their preferences and interests. They can easily add and manage their favorite channels with the favorites manager feature, ensuring that they never miss their preferred programming.

Subscriptions Plan of Strive IPTV

As of now, Strive IPTV offers various subscription plans with different pricing based on the number of connections and subscription length.

Strive IPTV Pricing
Strive IPTV Pricing

It is important to note that paying month-to-month or quarterly is recommended as services may occasionally go offline.

  •  Therefore, it is advised not to lock yourself into a year-long plan.
  • For added security, we recommend registering for Strive IPTV with an anonymous email address and using a masked credit card.
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also accepted by many IPTV services, making them a good option for anonymous registration.


StriveIPTV is a versatile platform that can be accessed on a wide range of devices, making it accessible to a broad audience. Users can easily access Strive IPTV on devices like Amazon Firestick, Amazon Fire Cube, Smart TV, PC/Mac, Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV), Android devices (Smartphones, Android Box), Android TV (Perfect Player, Smarters, etc.), Kodi (XBMC v17+), Kodi up to v16, STB Emulator, Mag250/254/256, Enigma2/Dreambox/VU+, Dreamlink T1/T1+/T2/T6, OPENBOX and AVOV Box/Formuler.

The Strive IPTV website provides comprehensive setup guides for all of the above-mentioned devices, ensuring that users can easily set up the platform on their preferred devices. The guides are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for even the most technically challenged users to access the platform.

Overall, the broad range of device compatibility ensures that Strive IPTV can be enjoyed by a diverse audience across a wide range of devices. The comprehensive setup guides provided on the website add to the convenience of setting up the platform, making it a hassle-free experience for users.

24/7 Customer Support

Strive IPTV is an exceptional provider of IPTV services that stands out in the market by offering top-notch customer support. Whether you are facing issues related to the subscription or have general queries, Strive IPTV has you covered with its 24/7 customer support. Customers can easily reach out to the support team through live chat or by filling out the Contact Us form available on the official website.

The support team at Strive IPTV is highly responsive and dedicated to providing quick solutions to any issues faced by customers. If you encounter any problems while using the service, you can expect prompt replies from the support team. They are trained to assist customers in a friendly and professional manner, ensuring that the experience is hassle-free and satisfactory.

By offering various channels to reach out to the support team, Strive IPTV provides a seamless customer experience. The live chat feature allows customers to connect with the support team instantly and get their queries resolved in real-time. On the other hand, the online contact form is a convenient option for customers who prefer a more formal mode of communication.

However, Strive IPTV’s customer support is highly reliable and available 24/7 to help customers with any issues they may encounter. The support team is quick to respond and provides friendly and professional assistance through live chat or the online contact form. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, Strive IPTV sets itself apart from its competitors in the IPTV industry.


  • StriveIPTV provides access to over 10,000 channels, offering a vast range of options for viewers to choose from.
  • With over 50,000 movies and TV shows available on demand, users can enjoy a diverse selection of entertainment options.
  • The platform boasts an impressive uptime of 99.99%, ensuring uninterrupted viewing experiences for users.
  • The inclusion of antifreeze technology enhances the quality of the streaming experience, ensuring smooth playback.
  • Customers can rely on 24/7 live support from the Strive IPTV team to resolve any technical issues that may arise.


  • Minor adjustments are needed regarding EPG.

Strive IPTV Review

Strive IPTV is an excellent provider of IPTV services, known for offering affordable pricing plans without compromising on quality. With a Strive IPTV subscription, customers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming on one device at a time. This ensures that users can have access to their favorite TV shows, movies, and other content without any disruptions.

Strive IPTV provides an extensive range of channels and on-demand content from around the world, ensuring that customers have access to a wide variety of entertainment options. The service is easy to set up and use, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.

Another advantage of Strive IPTV is its external player support. Users can easily stream content on compatible devices, such as Smart TVs, Fire TVs, Android TVs, and more. This allows for a more versatile viewing experience and the ability to watch content on multiple screens, depending on individual preferences.

In summary, Strive IPTV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for affordable and reliable IPTV services. With its exceptional customer support, external player support, and extensive range of content, customers can enjoy seamless streaming experiences on their preferred devices.

Best Legal Strive IPTV Alternative

We recommend using 100% legal and verified IPTV providers instead of Strive IPTV.

Here are our recommendations for legal IPTV services.

  1. Twit IPTV
  2. Forest IPTV
  3. Nixon IPTV

Strive IPTV FAQs

  • What is Strive IPTV?

    Strive IPTV is a streaming service that provides live TV channels at an affordable price. It is an IPTV service that allows users to stream thousands of live channels from various categories on their devices.

  • How much does Pilot Strive cost?

    The standard plan for Strive IPTV costs $15.00/month with a single connection, and there are additional plans available with multiple connections for more than one device. Users can choose from a variety of subscription options based on their needs and preferences.

  • What Channels and Categories Does Strive IPTV have?

    Strive IPTV has over 10,000 live TV channels in several categories, including news, entertainment, sports, international, and more. Users can access a wide range of content, including live sports events, movies, TV shows, and news from around the world.

  • What devices can Strive IPTV service be installed on?

    Strive IPTV can be installed on any device that runs the Android operating system, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device. This makes it accessible to users who want to stream live TV channels on their TV screens or mobile devices.

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