Typhoon Labs IPTV Reviews: Features and Subscription Guide

With hundreds and thousands of IPTV service providers in the market, finding the best and most reliable IPTV service is challenging. So, today, we will be reviewing an IPTV service provider that has been rising in the ranks to be a solid contender! 

Typhoon Labs IPTV is a premium IPTV service provider that offers over 17,000+ Live channels and has over 1150988+ trusty customers. So, are they legit or just another flop? To find out, keep reading!  

Typhoon Labs IPTV Subscription Plans:

Typhoon Labs IPTV offers some of the best subscription plans in the market. Making them one of the few premium services that are also not too expensive. Let’s have a look at the prices and their duration: 

Typhoon Labs IPTV Subscription Plans
  • Monthly Plan: $15.95
  • 3 month plan: $29.95
  • 6 month plan: $49.95
  • 12 month plan: $69.95

The prices are indeed not cheap! But they’re also not as expensive as some of the other premium services in the market right now. Try out some of their more extended plans, such as the 6-month plan or the year-long plan, if you’re ready to commit. 

The main reason for this is that spending over $15 on a 30-day plan every month isn’t as efficient as paying $45.75 less on the 6-month plan. Their plans are also made to attract you to commit to them. So, don’t be surprised if you feel enticed! 

Typhoon Labs IPTV: Overview-  

When it comes to IPTV services, everyone wants the best they can get but fitting to their budget. Typhoon Labs IPTV is one of the few IPTV providers in the market, making that wish a reality. 

Premium content, excellent interface, very responsive customer service, a fantastic EPG system, and much more, only at $69.95/1 per year! What impressed us the most was their ambition. While the IPTV market has gathered a reputation for being unreliable, Typhoon aims to be the most reliable. 

Overall, this service offers a great and reliable IPTV experience that won’t burn your pockets! Below, we’ve listed their pricing, features, and a detailed review of their customer service. We hope it intrigues you!

Features of Typhoon Labs IPTV

Now that you know the prices of Typhoon Labs IPTV, let’s look at the features they offer. We’ll keep it short in an attempt to cover all the necessary parts! 

1. Live TV and Streaming Channels: 

Typhoon Labs IPTV has an incredible catalog of Live TV with over 17,000+ Live TV channels. But they also provide a massive catalog of old, new, and classic TV shows and movies! 

Here are the types of streaming and Live channels Typhoon Labs offers: 

  • Entertainment channels
  • News channels
  • Sports channels 
  • Kids and Family-friendly channels 
  • Pay-Per-View channels 
  • 17,000+ Live channels 
  • News channels 
  • Channels from the UK, USA, Canada, and France in full HD

2. Streaming Quality

With so many Live TV channels and streaming channels, the quality is crucial. Whether you’re streaming or watching VODs, if the quality isn’t good, it’s simply not worth it. If you have Typhoon Labs, that won’t be an issue! Here are the streaming qualities Typhoon Labs IPTV offers: 

  • 4K Ful HD
  • HD 1080p 
  • HD 720p 
  • SD 520p

To be sure, we watched a handful of shows and live TV on Typhoon ourselves, and we can confirm that very rarely, the quality may drop due to internet issues. But, if you have a strong internet connection, Typhoon will surely provide the best. 

3. Device Compatibility

Typhoon Labs IPTV service supports most streaming devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, apple devices, windows devices, Firesticks, etc. Making their huge catalog available for almost all devices. 

4. User Interface 

For every great IPTV service provider, the interface is one of the most important things. No matter how many features the service provides, without a sound, interactive, and appealing interface, the user won’t be satisfied. This is where Typhoon Labs comes in. 

Their user interface is designed to be intuitive and visually appealing. The layout is organized to enable easy navigation, allowing users to browse through content categories, search for specific titles, and access settings conveniently.

Users also have the option to personalize their viewing experience according to their preferences. This includes the service provider monitoring the user’s viewing history to recommend future shows. 

5. Swift Server Algorithm

As we mentioned, Typhoon Labs IPTV provides an employed recommendation algorithm that suggests personalized content based on the users’ viewing habits and preferences. Enhancing the overall user experience by offering relevant suggestions.

6. Playback Features

Playback features allow users to view Live TV shows even when they’re not live. So, if you end up missing your favorite TV show because of work, you can use Typhoon Labs IPTV’s playback feature to watch it later on! 

Customer Support 

Being a premium IPTV service is a mix of a few things. It has excellent quality, a great catalog, and fantastic customer support. Without good customer communication, no IPTV service can be deemed truly premium. 

Typhoon Labs IPTV is one of those IPTV service providers that offer fantastic customer support through live chat, email, calls, etc. The support team is not only responsive but very open to criticism and suggestions. 

If you run into an issue that you may find too complicated, Typhoon Labs’ customer support will take as long as it takes to help you resolve it. Overall, customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of this service provider. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to today’s article: 

  1. Is Typhoon Labs IPTV safe to use?

    Absolutely! With VPN, they are safe to use and experience.

  2. Does Typhoon Labs IPTV provide live news?

    Yes, they provide all types of live television, including live news.

  3. Does Typhoon Labs IPTV offer customized channels?

    Typhoon Labs has an Electronic Television Guide (EPG). With EPG, you can always customize your channels, including your viewing experience.


Typhoon Labs IPTV is a robust IPTV service, offering a diverse content library, impressive streaming quality, and a manageable interface. Their commitment to customer satisfaction further enhances its appeal among users seeking a reliable entertainment experience. 

And at this price, there aren’t many IPTV providers that offer the features Typhoon Labs IPTV offers. So, we can assure you Typhoon Labs is a trustworthy and reliable IPTV service! Get your subscription soon!

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